Viacom ME JLT provides turnkey solutions to its clients in setting up of wifi hotspots in hotels, coffee shop, Marina, among others. With a powerful software from SAB server, a licensed product from Wificom Technologies based in Finland, Viacom is able to provide a very SECURE, AUTHENTICATION and BILLING services all in one. One of our major client in Dubai is the DCA (Dubai Civil Aviation), where Viacom ME JLT has provided the complete wifi solution within the T1 and T3 (Terminal 1 and Terminal 3) of the Dubai Airport.

Various Wifi Solutions and Charges


Large Areas

Viacom ME JLT also provides wireless solutions to other clients who require wifi network to be covered in a larger area such as the entire Marina area covering the parking area for the boats, or the entire terminal of Dubai Airport. Upon the request of the client, Viacom ME JLT can provide a technical feasibility report and a quotation for the turnkey project.


Hotels / Apartment Buildings

Upon the request of the customer (Hotel or Apartment Building), Viacom ME JLT will provide a feasibility report on the technical requirements and the costs involved in setting up a Wifi network. the customer can then request for a quotation from Viacom ME JLT for the complete set up.


Coffee Shops

Upon the request of the coffee shop/customer, Viacom ME JLT will set up the wifi network at Free of Cost. Only after the coffee shop starts providing the wifi service to its customers, Viacom ME JLT shall negotiate a minimal fee based on revenue sharing.